In times of the Covid-19 crisis, people experiencing hunger need our help more than ever. Many are in desperate need of daily dietary requirements as some community services that provided food to those in need are closed and many food banks are running low on supplies.

Foodbanks, in normal circumstances, collect food from supermarkets, restaurants & food chains and distribute them to people in need. Now, as supermarkets can’t keep up with restocking shelves and restaurants & food chains are closed, food banks are struggling to provide the necessary food & toiletries to homeless and families experiencing hunger.

While most minds & resources are directed to fighting the pandemic, we need to make sure that we leave no one starving!

To help fight hunger during this crisis, we are raising money by selling selected pieces and donating 100% of the sales to Compliments of the House. 


Complements of the House is a small London-based charity that collects fresh, surplus food from supermarkets and restaurants and redistributes to those in need. Due to the lockdown, the charity had to close the shop but it launched a delivery service. Now, instead of only collecting surplus food, Compliments of the House buys food & toiletries and delivers them to most vulnerable people in London. Their food packages include fruit & vegetable, meat, meat alternatives, fish, eggs & cheese to offer a nutritious balanced diet. They also provide pet food if required. Each package costs them £40 to make and provides a vulnerable person with food for 2 weeks.

The charity was created by Sinead Browne who has been self-funding the charity and is going above and beyond to continue feeding most vulnerable in London.

In addition to providing food, Compliments of the house has created a safe place for guests and supports them through their difficult paths. Sinead says: "One of my guests volunteers every day, and when I've told him to do less, he gets very emotional. He's coming off heroin and he said this is a lifeline for him because if he isn't volunteering for us, he'll be on the drugs. It's a safe space for our guests to come, it's a community and it gives them purpose."

Sinead admits: "I cry most days because I'm scared. I have no family and no safety net. But I have so many guests depending on me. I've taken on this responsibility so I can't just leave them. We know everyone by name, we know their characters, we know a lot of their social workers, support workers, primary care workers. A lot of my guests have mental health issues, so I know what triggers them, when they're about to have a crisis and I get them the help they need."

Let's help Sinead to carry on her incredible cause. Our support means the world to many vulnerable people!


The prices are on ‘Pay as much as you can’ basis and start from £40 because that’s how much it costs to make each food package. Upcycled pieces that I’ve been making during the lockdown are also for sale and new items will be added regularly.

If you don't need any of the clothes, you can donate directly to the charity’s Just Giving appeal and help raise £50,000 to enable them to continue feeding the homeless and most vulnerable through their new delivery service.  

Together, we can make a difference!



Sinead’s interview credit: Ainhoa Barcelona, Hello Magazine