Our 2025 commitments consist of 10 measurable goals that will bring us closer to our mission

🌸 We will support 500 women with the skills & opportunities they need to thrive in life and create sustainable change for themselves, their families & communities.

πŸ¦‹ We will rescue 1 tonne of fashion waste from going to landfills by upcycling them into luxury, desirable pieces.

πŸ’š All our clothes will be fully biodegradable and/or fully recyclable.

🧢 We will extend the life of our garments by at least 5 times.

🧑 We will create a fully traceable & transparent supply chain.

🌱 All new virgin material will come from sustainable regenerative sources.

🌍 At least 80% of our materials will be recycled, regenerated and pre-existing materials.

🌿 We will reduce plastic received from our suppliers (in the form of packaging) by 80% and recycle 100% of any unavoidable plastic we receive. We do not use plastic in our operations.

🌼 We will further reduce emissions of our garments.

🌍 We will ensure that our Tier 1 & 2 manufacturing partners use 100% renewable energy.