• Thriving communities on a healthy planet!

  • To us at KETEVANNA, it’s our vision

  • Our Purpose

    is to create fashion that's beautiful from within to inspire you to be kind to yourself, to beautiful souls creating fashion, AND to Mother Nature.

  • Everything we do is about living life to its fullest within our planetary boundaries

  • BY 2025

  • We want to be the pioneers of changing cultures and driving demand for sustainable actions!

    We want to make sustainable fashion the new normal, underlined by a combination of innovation and traditional craftsmanship!

    We want to build a fashion world that values people and the planet over profit-making and exponential growth!

    We aspire to grow with truly ethical and sustainable values and to put our community & our planet as the first priority of the brand growth!

  • We aim to
  • Help 300 women into work. Give them the skills & learning opportunities they need to progress & thrive in life.

    Quantify our success by measuring how many jobs we created and whether our efforts are providing long-term positive change.

    Create a fully traceable & transparent supply chain to the fibre, forest & farm levels.

    Create a circular business.