• Hello!

    We'd love to immerse you into KETEVANNA world by telling you a personal story about how we started and why we do what we do.

  • KETEVANNA is a unique bond between the expertise of my mum (Ketevan) and a creative direction of myself (Anna), united with a single purpose - to use the power of fashion for creating opportunities for as many women as we can!

    I grew up in Tbilisi, Georgia, watching my mum making clothing in her home workshop. Creating beautiful garments was her way of escaping Soviet reality and empowering other women to do the same. She started making exquisite clothing when there was none available in the Soviet Era - they had a very 'minimalistic' taste … 😊 garments were so dull and tasteless that you wouldn’t want to wear them. So, my mum would make clothes from fabric that she and her friends found on black markets or used anything colourful. Yes, that included curtains, tablecloths, you name it!.. She also loved sharing her skills, believing that these skills would enable women to become more creatively & financially independent. That's where my passion for empowering women and creating meaningful fashion comes from.

  • Growing up, I loved designing & creating clothes and was very lucky to have an incredibly skilled mum who helped me bring my designs to life. Then I moved to London to study and my passion got absorbed by London’s busy & captivating lifestyle. Until!.. I decided that I was going to design my own wedding dress and make it with my mum. After this wonderful experience, mum & I started creating more pieces together again and received many compliments & interest. So, we decided to connect two of our passions – creating meaningful fashion and transforming people’s lives.

    That's how KETEVANNA was born.

  • We centred the spirit of the brand around kindness and committed to creating fashion that's kind to those who wear it, to those who create it and to Mother Nature.

  • We set up a small atelier in Tbilisi, Georgia, where my mum's team of talented and passionate professionals hand-craft pieces using low impact materials. We are on a mission to grow the KETEVANNA family to scale our positive social impact and quickly progress towards our environmental commitments.